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    Professionalize your activity and start making a living from Esports!

  • esport R'evolution

    Gamers (Esports)

    Meet players from all over the world, improve yourself, reach a semi-pro level and start generating real income from Esports!
    All you have to do now is gain experience, professionalize your activity and reach a Pro level before maybe being recruited by an international organization which will allow you to work towards a career in Esport!

    Structures & Pro gamers

    Join us, encourage your fans and introduce them to our structure to enable them to professionalize themselves. As they progress to the Pro level, they will have the opportunity to be recruited.

    Esports Professionals

    Whether you are a coach, manager, commentator or an influencer, join the Ugame community and monetize your audience and experience!


    Take a look and enjoy!

    The Esport R'Evolution!

  • How does it work?

    You match, You game!


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    An email and your first name or nickname are enough.



    Start playing against other players to assess your level and rank on the OOTS pyramid.



    Through the matching application, you will meet other players, coaches and managers who will help you achieve your goals.


    You Game!

    It's your turn to play now!
    You will gain experience, perfect your skills and maybe even live off your passion...Esport!

  • Our values, your opportunity!

    Ugame is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility! We believe that the world is changing and that the policies governing any company should meet CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards. Ugame was built according to this model and will continue to impose it in the music and sports industries. This is why we return up to 80% of our turnover to users. We are creating a new model based on a collaborative and circular economy with new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.
    Ugame has adopted a policy in favor of diversity and equal opportunities for all by developing a responsible and collaborative financial strategy. Our company is experimenting with innovative business models in order to provide new opportunities for those who want to make a career in Esports.

  • Technology

    We always strive for the best.


    Blockchain makes it possible for future talents to emerge!


    Ugame is an innovative start-up which has built an application and digital platform (SAAS) using the latest technologies such as the Hyperledger Blockchain for transaction transparency, player confidentiality and management as well as payment processing.


    Whether they are in the music or sport industries, young talents all face the same problem: the lack of tools that allow them to stand out and step out of the shadows to earn a living from their passions.

    An optimal balance between social networks, blockchain and artificial intelligence, as well as human-centered technology, creates value, promotes equal opportunities and solves problems by focusing on 5 areas:

    1- La transparence,
    2- la traçabilité,
    3- la redistribution de valeurs,
    4- l’alignement des intérêts et,
    5- la désintermédiation.


    Values that are in line with the world of Esports! There is an urgent need to position players at the center of the detection processes. Social networks make sense in this context by revealing talents and leveraging meritocracy.


    UGame™ is a Networking and Matching application developed through Blockchain and Machine Learning. It allows players, amateur, semi-professional and professional Esports teams to connect with coaches, managers and marketing and business professionals.


    The development of professional players requires a practical component, playing the game, but also a theoretical one that aims to help young players discover the world of entrepreneurship so that they can manage their careers as effectively as possible, whether they want to become a player, coach or manager. As you can see, those who join Ugame as players will be exposed to other gaming professions in a fun and professional way.


    Big Data & Machine Learning

    Big data is used to collect and analyse data during and after the gaming sessions.
    The objective is to allow Ugame members to improve their performance and to study the opponents' playing style before facing them.
    Machine learning (artificial intelligence) and big data are used to continuously improve information management and user experience.

    OOTS (ERC20)

    In order to simplify international payments and exchanges, we created our own token under the name OOTS which stands for "Out of The Shadow".
    OOTS will be the only exchange value between players and sports professionals.
    The cost for subscriptions will automatically be converted into OOTS. You have 2 solutions: buy pre-paid OOTS cards or pay by credit card your subscription, which will be automatically converted and will allow you to use Ugame and Artys music services.
    All earnings will also be paid in OOTS tokens and can be converted into your currency on exchange platforms or redeemed directly by Ugame.

  • You match!

    • Meet new players and build your team!
    • Develop professional relationships 
    • Get noticed and step out of the shadows
    • Find a coach to achieve your goals
    • Get recruited by professional organizations!
    • If you have experience, coach those who have the least!

  • Earnings

    Ugame redistributes up to 80% of its turnover to players and professionals!


    Professionalize yourself until you reach the Semi Pro level and then start receiving a monthly salary! (See table below)
    Every week, we will organize competitions that will allow you to win cash prizes!
    Finally, sponsor your friends and earn 10% of your godchildren's subscription amount per month!


    We are currently recruiting experienced coaches in order to help our users increase their skill level to allow them to live off of Esport.
    Feel free to send us a message if you want to join Ugame!


    Are you an influencer? Our partner influencers receive a 20% monthly commission on the amount of their subscribers' subscriptions!
    Do not hesitate to contact us but be warned that we only accept a limited number of partner influencers!

    Pro infrastructures and players

    Ugame's professional infrastructures and/or pro-partner players receive a 40% monthly commission on the amount of their fans' subscription!

  • out of the shadow! (OOTS)

    From 10,000 to 49,999 players, we pay the 50 best players (Pro1)
    From 50,000 to 99,999 players, we pay the top 150 players (Pro 1 and 2)
    From 100,000 to 499,999 players,we pay the 250 best players (Pro 1 and 2 + Semi Pro 1)

    From 500,000 to 999,999 players, we pay the best 500 players (Pro 1 and 2 + Semi pro 1 and 2)

    From 1 million players, we pay the Top 1000:

    • 150 Pro players (50 Pro D1 and 100 Pro D2)
    • 850 Semi Pro players (1st, 2nd and 3rd division)

  • Monthly earnings table

    We pay players on an equitable basis by redistributing 20% of the amount of monthly subscriptions among players that belong to the same level.
    The more players there are, the more earnings will increase!